Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

I had passed the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho (300 S. Capital) multiple times on my way to and from different places downtown. It's located right by the river, next to a park. Finally we decided to go. Because it was family day we decided to take our daughter, but it would have been just as nice going on our own. 

The museum has three different galleries, a project room, and a kids center. They have different exhibits. Currently they are featuring works of art made with wax. Starting Feb 19 they will have a watercolor show. 

Because it was family day they had a free craft project for everyone to do. It was painting in wax. We had a great time looking at and sharing our thoughts on the art but we also liked doing some together. I would consider in the future taking a class there together. 

Although the museum regularly charges $4 for adults, the 1st Saturday of each month is free, so that's a good chance to experience it without the cost.