Saturday, December 31, 2011

Main Street Grill- Ririe

I am sorry I don't have pictures of this but the other night we went to Main Street Grill in Ririe. It is exactly where you would think- on Main Street, in Ririe. The burgers were really good and they are pretty reasonably priced. You can get it cheaper by not having fries with it, my husband and I were good with just getting one thing of fries to share. I had a chiken burger and it was such good chicken. It takes a little to get your food so if you don't have time to wait you can call ahead to order 208-538-6106.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Soda Springs, ID- Man-made Geyser

For those of you who follow this blog, you will notice that I haven't been posting every week. My goal was a year and I got almost there before my husband and I decided we want to repeat some things, we will be posting still whenever we do something new, which I hope will be pretty often.

On to last weekend! We went to Soda Springs. Each year the first weekend in October and April we listen on the radio to the LDS general conference which has two 2-hour sessions on Saturday with 2 hours in between. It is the perfect time to go explore somewhere new. Last Saturday we drove to Soda Springs, ID.

Soda Springs has a man-made geyser. It goes off every hour on the hour and the spray lasts about 7 minutes. It's not that exciting just to watch but if you are willing to deal with the sulfur smell you can get right up into the spray, which is really fun.

Between sprays we walked across the street to Main Street Diner- we weren't sure what we were going to think but the food was so good. My husband got hand battered chicken strips and I had a hamburger. It was a really good place to eat and the timing was perfect to go back across for the next hour's spray.

Further down Main Street they have a great park that we also stopped to play at. It seemed to have everything, swing sets with baby swings, merry-go-rounds, volleyball nets, basketball courts, a big gazebo. It was a fun place to stop and play too.

There are other historical parks and things throughout Soda Springs but we didn't take the time to go see them all. We really enjoyed our day, the drive was nice and the time there was really fun.

Also, as a note for an upcoming event, Events 4 Idaho has a short description of the Annual Chocolate Fest in Idaho Falls which will be held on October 22 this year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bisch's RV Challenege- Free Dinner

Sorry, I did't get this up earlier but this week is Bisch's RV Challenge. Throughout the week there are competitors staying in campers without acess to cell phone or showers and every evening they compete in challeneges. Players get elminated throughout the week and the winner gets a new camper. Each evening they have a free barbeque open to the public during the nightly challenege. We went tonight and the dinner was great (hamburgers, philly cheesesteak, steak bites) and the challenege was super fun to watch. They had to milk goats and then drink the milk.

It's worth going over if you have the time. It's through Friday, 5:30 PM dinner starts and the challenge is at 6 PM. Bisch's is just off of Holmes past the Highway.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiking "R" Mountain

Saturday we went with my sister and brother-in-law to climb the mountain with the R on it near Rexburg. We brought the baby because we heard it wasn't too hard of a hike but it was really pretty steep. Once you get to the top you the walk is pretty even and the veiw is amazing. The hike up is about 15 minutes but around the top you can spend lots of time if you wanted to walk around the top.

Directions to the trail head: if you head out of Rexburg on main street and about 8 miles out of town turn left on N 3700 E, the first road that crosses it should be Twin Butte Road, turn right. The parking for the trail will be on your left.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dixie's Diner

The other morning we stopped into Dixie's Diner for breakfast. It was such a fun retro place. I had waffles with ice cream on them and a vanilla root beer. It was good and a fun atmosphere, if we go back I think it will be to try some milkshakes or malts.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

McCowin Park and Ammon City Pool

The other night we went to McCowin Park in Ammon. Heading out of Idaho Falls towards Ammon on 17th Street, turn right on Midway Ave. and the park will be on your left. This park has a lot of playing fields- soccer, baseball, football, tennis. It has a nice playground and a gazebo. It also is the home of Ammon City Pool. The Ammon pool is an small outdoor pool, they have swim lessons there but also have open swim most summer afternoons. It was a fun play to spend some time.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smitty's Pancake and Steak House

Smitty's is grandparents favorite place to eat and we had never tried it. We went the other night and saw why. It was a Thursday so it wasn't very busy. The atmosphere seemed quiet and comfortable. We took forever looking over the menu because it was so good and a lot of things sounded good. They had a great breakfast selection but we had things off the dinner menu. I had a steak and my husband had chicken tenders. We also tried a burger that we got off the kids menu for our daughter (we don't usually order anything for her because she doesn't eat much but we were trying to use up a gift card). Everything was good- the dinners come with tons of choices for sides, and I was full by the end of my salad. We got a lot of food for our money, including free desserts that come with anything on the dinner menu.

My husband's favorite part is that everything comes with things on the side rather than on it. The burgers and sandwiches are that way and even the salads had the carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers all on the side so we could use what we wanted. My grandparents recommend the fish but we didn't try any.

The waitresses were so helpful with our little girl and nobody seemed to mind when she just wanted to walk around our table while we ate.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rainey Creek, Square Ice Cream in Swan Valley

We lived in Ririe for a little while before we moved to Idaho Falls and people that weren't even from around here would always ask if I had been to Swan Valley for the square ice cream cones. The week we moved from Ririe was my first time and last weekend my husband and I went back with some of his siblings.

The square ice cream is inside a gas station at the split between going to Jackson or going to Driggs, just look for a sign like this and lots of cars.
They have such fun flavor choices I had a birthday cake kind- which doesn't taste like usual cake batter ice cream, it tasted like cake and had pieces of yellow cake mixed in it. It was so good, I also had huckleberry. My husband's two flavors look the same but one is a Rainey Creek Mudslide which had caramel, and some nuts in it and brownie nut.
The prices are as follows:
Single Regular Cone: $2.50
Double Regular Cone: $3.50
Single Waffle Cone: $3.25
Double Waffle Cone: $4.00
Float with root beer, sarsaparilla, or huckleberry soda: $4.75

You can buy huckleberry soda there and I love it. They have a record of people served on holiday weekends and it was tons so I think it would be pretty crazy to go on a holiday. Also, my husband had trouble keepings his top layer from falling off so watch out for that on hot days.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blackfoot - Potato Museum, Jensen Grove, and A&W

Last Saturday we decided to go down to Blackfoot, Idaho to see the Potato Museum and we ended up doing a lot more than we planned because there were so many fun things to do there.

Our first stop was the Idaho Potato Museum, which is open Monday through Saturday during the summer and Monday through Friday in the winter. It costs $3 for adults. We learned quite a bit about potatoes but there was quite a bit of reading. It would be really fun history for someone that is interested in farming or has a lot of background in the area. If you happen to be from out of state you get free potatoes when you visit.

We then saw a sign for a $1 ice cream cone at the Downtown Bread Company. We stopped and it looked great but was already closed for the day. It closes at 6 on weekdays and 3 on Saturdays.

We missed the turn for Jensen's Grove and happened to pass an A&W, which sounded delicious. Everything looked so good so we had dinner there. We had a cherry limeade, a root beer float, cheeseburger, corn dog bites, and a "Freezerrr". You are probably wondering what a freezerr is, but it's like a milkshake but more icy. It was all good.

At last we made to Jensen's Grove and decided to take a walk around the perimeter of the lake. It was a nice easy walk that lasted about a half hour. Jensen's Grove also have frisbee golf, swimming, play equipment, volleyball nets, and boat docks.

Blackfoot Pride Days and Ririe Days

This weekend you can go North or South for some fun events in different cities.

Blackfoot, Idaho is hosting their annual Pride Days Thursday, July 14 - Saturday, July 16.

The Idaho Potato Museum will be doing tours each day of the event, and there will be an open house at the Historical Museum at 190 N Shilling on Friday and Saturday. Friday there is also free swimming at the Blackfoot Pool and free Bouncy Houses at Jensen's Grove.

Events on Saturday are mostly all at Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot. The best schedule we could find listed the events as following:

8:30-9amSprint Boat Races
8-10amFree Breakfast
9am3-on-3 Basketball
9-11amSidewalk Chalk Art Tournament
9am-4pmCar and Bike Show
10am-3pmHelmets and Safety Demo
10:30amPlane Fly-by
11amSnowmachine Races
12-4pmFree Potato Feed
1-4pmMotorcycle Rodeo
4pmSprint Boat Demo

Ririe is hold its third annual Ririe Days this year on Saturday, July 16th. You can sign up for some of the events online at the Ririe Days Festival website.

7:00amKelly Canyon Run
8:00amFamily Bike Ride
8:30amFlag Ceremony
9:00amGolf Scramble
9:00amCar Show
9:00amFamily Breakfast
11:00amCraft Fair
11:00amFood Vendors
11:00amArchery Shootout
11:00amDutch-Oven Cook-Off
11:00amCarnival Games
11:00amPlane Fly-by and Bag Pipes
1:30pmFire Dept. Hose Down
1:45pmBig-Boy Tricycle Races
4:00pmAdult Pitching Machine Tournament

It sounds like the two events will be somewhat similar, so you may just want to go to the closest one to where you live. Unsure as to which we are going to yet, but we hope you enjoy your time!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Motor Vu and Sky Vu Drive Ins

Friday Night we went to see Cars 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at the Motor Vu. They say that the movies start around 9:45 but it was after 10 when ours started. Both the Sky Vu and the Motor Vu cost $7 for adults and $1 for kids (5-9). You can call 522-3111 for what movies are showing at both.

There is also a drive-in theater in Rexburg - the Teton Vu. It costs $6.50 for adults and $1 for kids (5-11). It is run by the same people who own the Rexburg Paramount - the cheap theater.

We had a good time but have a few recommendations. If you have a small car like us you may want to get there around 9 when they open so you can get a spot that won't be behind a bigger car. They play the sound over the radio and a few cars had to be jumped after, so be careful with running your battery down. You can bring your own portable radio which worked well for us.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Parade: Starts at Idaho Falls High School, goes along 4th and ends at Tautphaus Park. It starts at 9:30am.

Teton Valley Summer Festival: Includes Hot Air Ballons, Rodeo, Parade, and Pancake Breakfast. It goes all weekend long in Teton Vally.

Rexburg Whooppee Days: Includes a 5k run, rodeo, and the Rexburg Parade- that goes from Smith Park to Porter Park and starts at 10am.

Idaho Falls Fireworks: The big Idaho Falls fireworks are downtown above the river. They start around 10pm and if you have radios and can tune them to 97.3 you can hear the music that goes along with it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frisbee Golf- Freeman Park

On Saturday we decided to go play Frisbee Golf at Freeman Park. Freeman Park is off Science Center Driver across from the ISU campus. The disc golf course has 18 holes, we only played a few of them. You can rent official disc golf frisbees at Play It Again Sports (behind the EITC campus) but we just took the frisbees that we had around our house. You may want to be familiar with the map of the course and bring something to keep score with but we had a great afternoon playing. Have fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Farr Candy Co. Sets Record - Free Ice Cream Social

Farr's Ice Cream is celebrating it's 100th year in business by trying to break the record for most ice cream scooped in an hour- and giving it away for free. They are having free ice cream downtown Idaho Falls on Constitution Way from 6-8 on Monday, June 20, 2011. We will be there enjoying some free ice cream.

Update: They beat the record! The old record was 3,000 scoops; Farr's goal was 5,000 and they far exceeded it. It was totally crazy there but I don't usually mind a crowd. The baby loved the ice cream and we enjoyed it and a nice walk around downtown.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lincoln Park

Saturday we went over to Lincoln Park, which is on Lincoln Road between Woodruff and 25th (Hitt), to play some tennis. This park is small but it has two tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, a shelter, bathrooms, and swings. We were surprised to find that there was nobody there so we were able to have the whole tennis courts to oursleves. If you want a good place to play on the tennis courts or baseball fields this is a good place.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Outback Steakhouse

This one was unplanned but we had a gift certificate and I had the sudden feeling that nothing at home sounded good for dinner. I thought that it being at Saturday night we would have a long wait ahead of us but not at all. We got seated and served right away. Everything was so good. I had a steak with potatoes and salad, Josh had a bacon burger with french fries, and we shared some wings. Nothing tasted processed at all which made me so happy, the fries and potatoes tasted fresh and homemade. They have two ways of cooking your streak and I choose fire grilled and it was wonderful. Josh was impressed that his hamburger had so much bacon; there really was a lot on there. The cost there is a little higher than most places we go out to eat but I enjoyed it so much.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeding the Ducks and a Walk by the River

*Now I'm sure that this is not encouraged but I didn't see I sign that said it was not allowed.*

Down by the river downtown (on the west side - closest to the highway) there are a whole bunch of ducks and geese you can feed. We took some bread down and walked along the river front. Even if you aren't there to feed there is a paved walkaway all along the river front that is a beautiful, easy walk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunnyside Park

Saturday afternoon we popped over to explore a new park. Well, new for us. This park is on Sunnyside Road behind EIRMC. Sunnyside Park has a playground, a couple shelters, bathrooms, and a giant parking lot. They also have a lot of play fields, they have tennis courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds. There is a lot of room to play there so I hope to go play there some more this summer.

Friday, May 13, 2011


We had a gift card to Applebees and so we went over last weekend to celebrate Mother's day. It totally wasn't my favorite. If you are looking for a place to get a drink it is probably a good place to go but since we don't drink I was basing it just on the food and I wasn't really impressed with. We got the 2 for $20 deal with an appetizer and two meals. We had enough left on our gift card to get a dessert even. So it was a good deal, we never get appitizers or desserts. The thing I did love was the dessert, they have mini desserts and it was just perfect to end the meal with. We had a chocolate mousse mini dessert and it was really good.

Although I wasn't super impressed with my food the service was good and the atmosphere was pretty upbeat and fun.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Caesar's vs. 5 Dollar Pizza

We have been to Little Caesars a lot and of course we go there for the $5 hot and ready pizza, but while we were in Rexburg last Saturday we decided that we should try $5 Pizza on Main Street. We have reasons we like both of them.

At Little Caesars we like the sauce a lot better and it's a little less greasy than the pizza we got at $5 Pizza. We also like that the pizza is ready right when you walk in.

At $5 Pizza the bread was amazing. They also let you pick any topping you want rather than just getting pepperoni and they make it right there. They also have more options that you can get for $5, you can get a large 1 topping or a smaller size with more toppings. They also have the option of getting wings.

Overall, which is better? Well, it depends on what you are looking for at the time. If you want pizza fast and don't mind cheese or pepperoni (or would get that anyway), then maybe Little Caesar's is for you. If you are craving other toppings, but still want the low price, then 5 Dollar pizza might be right for you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Guys Burger and Fries

Saturday night I was craving a good hamburger and for some reason a place I had only been to once before came to mind, Five Guys. It totally hit the spot.

There are a few things that make Five Guys a different kind of burger place. The first thing is as you walk in there is a sign that tells you the local farm that the potatoes are from (Saturday's were from a farm in Shelley, Idaho). Their menu is small and simple: burgers (with double patties), mini burgers (with a single patty), hot dogs, and 2 sizes of fries. You pick what you want and the exact toppings you want on them and they cook it right there while you wait. The wait isn't long and there are peanuts to snack on while you are waiting.

I didn't love the fries but they were ok but the hamburger was so good. I usually don't get hamburgers but mine was so good. The Idaho Falls Five Guys is located off Hitt Road by Edwards Theater and Orange Leaf.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wallace's Ice Cream and Sandwichs

My husband and I have driven past this place (it's on Sunnyside between Woodruff and Holmes and the left) a million times saying sometime we will have to go there. Last weekend we had my sister-in-law hanging out with us and we decided to go for it. It was so so good. They do sandwiches, pies, ice cream and shakes, and also have local milk, cheese, and eggs that you can buy. We just opted for ice cream.

As you can see the kinds of ice cream here are not like the kinds you would get somewhere else. They have crazy combinations like grasshopper with caramel swirls or marshmellow in a chocolate and peanut butter one. Between the three of us we tried the monster cookie, the huckleberry cheesecake, and the black tie cheesecake- all were wonderful. We highly reccomend going to Wallace's.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Orange Leaf- Frozen Yogurt

Last week we went to the Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. It is very similar to Kiwi Loco in Idaho Falls and Twizel Berry in Rexburg, with tons of flavor choices and topping choices. The price is $.39 an ounce. Orange Leaf is in the same parking lot at Edwards Theater.

We had a really great time. We tried some flavors that we don't usually like and were very surprised. Usually I don't like chocolate frozen yogurt because it is not very sweet but Orange Leaf had a brownie kind and it was really wonderful. My husband tried some coconut in his and my baby girl had some dairy-free pineapple- both of which were great. The layout was very open and comfortable, our baby wandered freely with some tables and chairs low enough for her to stand next to.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Salt Lake City

Last weekend we went down to Salt Lake to meet up with some of my family so I would like to let you know some of my favorite things to do there.

1. IKEA: I love this store, it has furniture and household items for a pretty good deal but even if you don't need anything plan a few hours (really, it takes this long) to go through. They have a ton of different rooms set up you can wander through and get decorating ideas, they have a kids play place you can drop your kids off while you wander, and they have a cafeteria style restaurant that is super good and reasonably priced. I would go and spend all day there if I could.

IKEA Restaurant on Urbanspoon

2. The church history museum: Across the street from temple square is another place I could spend a lot of time. The exhibits often change but it is often overlooked by people just visiting temple square.

3. LDS Church Welfare building: starting in temple square you can take a free tour where they take you out to the Welfare building and show you the things there, if you have time you can also stay and volunteer a while. Once we helped put together buckets of cleaning supplies that were going to flood areas. It was a really neat experience.

4. Porter's Place: Porter's Place is actually south of Salt Lake on main street in Lehi. I can't speak for all the food here because it is not why I go. They have a bunch of fun (non-alcoholic) mixed drinks with crazy names. They are so good, we usually just get drinks and some scones for a treat. Porter's place is such a fun place with a lot of historical significance (you'll have to go to find out why).

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shelley, Idaho- Mick's and Hidden Treasures

Saturday we got to go down to Shelley to see Josh's sister play in a volleyball game so we took a little time to explore the town. We went to a little diner called Mick's for a treat. It was too early for lunch and we had already had breakfast so we got milkshakes and scones. The milkshakes were great. I had a chocolate cherry milkshake and the scone was wonderful, everything there smelled good.
Mick's on Urbanspoon

Then we went to Hidden Treasures. Hidden Treasures has some new things and some antiques and some thrift store stuff. It is a really fun place to go and I wish that I had more time to look, it was a huge warehouse full of stuff, like crammed. If you have a baby I would not take a stroller in because I'm not sure there would be room for it. But if you like to explore things and look at fun furniture this is the place.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Carr Art Gallery

After quite a few dates that had to do with food, the husband and I decided to try something else this week. It's still too cold to do anything outside but I remembered pass the Carr Gallery downtown Idaho Falls (450 A street) so we went there. The art shows change every couple months so it is a place we will likely go again. Right now there is a public choice contest there so you can pick the art that you like best; everything from sculpture, collage, photographs, and paintings, even this installation piece. The art gallery was small but a nice change from our recent dates. It has a recommended donation of $2 a person.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Costa Vida

Similar to Cafe Rio and Bajios (which Costa Vida incidentally just bought out), Costa Vida is a fresh mexican style restaurant. I'm not sure what the official name for this kind of place is but it's fast food, high quality.

The menu is pretty simple- a few different kinds of meats and you can choose to have it as a burrito, a quesadilla, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, or as a salad.

Usually I think places like this are just so, so, but Costa Vida serves up a few things that I really love. First is the sweet pork- I have a recipe to make this at home and it is one of my favorite meals to make. Even if you don't usually like pork it's worth a try. When we went last weekend I decided to try something I had never had before: the Raspberry Chicken. It was super good. I had it in a quesadilla and loved every bite. My husband had a shredded beef burrito and it was good but to me tasted almost exactly like similar restaurants.

Costa Vida is now open in Rexburg (by Deseret Book) and will soon be open in Idaho Falls (on Hitt Road)- I recommend it, but, a little bit of warning, they charge extra for sour cream and other little extras.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrift Shop Reviews

For our date this week we decided to visit a few different thrift stores and give you some reviews of them. We had a great time going around and seeing what we could find.

The first place we went was the Bonneville Humane Society Thrift Store (444 North Eastern Avenue, just down the street from the Museum of Idaho). It closes at 5pm; we barely made it, so be aware of that. We didn't have much time to look around but it seemed clean and well kept. The selection was a little bit sparse but it seemed good quality. They also only take cash or check.

The 2nd place we went was Idaho Youth Ranch downtown on Shoup (which is open until 6). We were really impressed with some of the things here. If you are on the search for some furniture or home appliances this is for sure the place. They had some beautiful furniture. We left here with a game, some fabric, and a video. When you come in here take a look they usually have a certain colored tags that mean 50% off. It makes for some great deals.

I'm not sure what the official name is but there is a little thrift shop across the road from Deseret Industries (DI) which is where we headed next. It seems tiny when you go in but make sure to head downstairs. If you are doing something like a date where you pick out funny clothes for the other person to put on this is the place to go. Everything downstairs is $4 for everything you can fit in a bag- definitely the best deal on clothes, but you may have to do some searching for the quality that is at some of the other stores. They also only take cash or check here.

Last stop, DI (450 E Street). We by far spent the most time here- but I think it was because we knew we could take more time because we didn't have to make it any other store. Clothes here can cost anything from $1 up to $6 for a t-shirt or pants. I have found that Deseret Industries is pretty hit and miss, I always check out the games section and I look for sheets to sew with. The amount of clothes here almost overwhelms me and I tend to not take the time to look through them. We did find some great deals though!

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!- free things for your birthday

Last week was the husband's birthday so we did a weekend full of stuff that we got discounts for because we signed up for birthday emails and such. It was really fun to get to do all sorts of things on the cheap. Here are a bunch of ones I know about. If you don't like your inbox getting cluttered you can get a different email address to use just for mailing lists, just make sure to check it every once in a while for discounts.

Red Robin: if you sign up for their email list you get a free burger when you sign up and also one on your birthday. The coupon that you print is good for a week before and a week after your birthday. If you go on your actual birthday you will also get a free ice cream sundae.

Cold Stone Creamery: On your birthday (if you sign up on their website) you will get a free 'like it' size with one mix in.

IHOP: again with the email, with their coupon you get a free Rootie Tootie breakfast or something of equal or lesser value. My husband said that although it didn't look like much theh Rootie Tootie filled him up.

Denny's: Free grand slam on your birthday- no sign up required, just prove it is your birthday. (I'm not 100% sure on that, you could sign up for the email club just in case)

Arby's: email club, you get a shake- but you have to buy something else when you go to get your shake

Old Navy: when you sign up for their email club you get $10 off when you spend $50, on your birthday you get the same deal

Kmart: only kids can get this deal but if you sign up for their emails and input your kids birthdays they will get $5 to spend at Kmart for their birthday

Krispy Kreme: most locations give you a free dozen dougnuts on your birthday, you can call ahead to double check, but no email needed

Noodles and Company: with the email you get a free noodle bowl

Texas Roadhouse: with email you get free appetizer or a sidekick of ribs

If you have any other favorite place to eat or shop check online ahead of time and see if they have an email club it is pretty set that you will get something for your birthday. Happy Birthday everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love at First Bite Bakery

Love at First Bite bakery is located in Snake River Landing.When we walked in everything looked so so good. We had planned on getting cupcakes but it wavered when we saw all the other delicious choices. They had candy, drinks, and treats (like cheesecake) that you could get dipped in chocolate. We did get cupcakes though, we tried chocolate raspberry and animal cookie. They were super good and priced around $3. Love at first bite also had candles, decor, and jewelry on sale. It's a great little place to stop into for a treat.

Even baby loved them!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Olive Garden and Panda Express

This past week we went out to dinner twice- I'm sorry that neither were locally owned but we had reasons for going where we did.

Thursday we went to Panda Express because it was my sister-in-laws birthday and that's where she wanted to go. Again my problem with restaurants kicked in and I ate before taking pictures, but here is a picture from their website of one of my favorites- Beijing Beef.

We had a good time at Panda Express and enjoyed the food there. My husband loves the orange chicken and there were a lot of options that we could give our little baby pieces to try. I wouldn't say that it's traditional Chinese Food by any means but very good none the less.
Panda Express on Urbanspoon

Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day we went to Olive Garden- it's another one of our favorite places but we don't go there very often (we happened to have a gift card). It is very good. The meals come with unlimited salad and bread sticks and I would defiantly take advantage of that so you are full enough to have plenty of leftovers to take home.
I had the chicken alfredo pizza (shown above) and it was so so good, the alfredo dipping sauce that came with it was amazing, it looked small but I could only eat 1/3 of it after all the salad I had eaten. My husband's favorite is the Ziti but he tried something different (lasagna rolls) but still reccomends the ziti.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kiwi Loco- Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

On the corner of Hitt and Sunnyside is... you guessed it, Kiwi Loco. Self serve yogurt places seem to be the new trend- popping up all over the place; one has even popped into Idaho Falls. The way it works is you go in and grab a bowl (a couple different size choices) and then fill it with any mix of frozen yogurt that sounds good to you. Then you top it. You pay by the ounce so the amount is totally up to you. Kiwi Loco's price is $0.39 an ounce.

We enjoyed Kiwi Loco- the first reason was because you walk in and smile because of the bright fun look of the place. The choices of yogurt were good (the husband recommends fruit flavors) and the topping variety was amazing (over 50 choices). There were sugar free options and also a dairy free yogurt option that, as you can see by her little mustache, the baby enjoyed too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jazz Big Band Dance - Skyline Band - Elks Lodge

I'm so excited about this, but I'm still trying to convince my husband to take me. Skyline High School Jazz Band and The Jazz House Big Band are putting on a big band jazz dance to support the Skyline Music Program. It is Saturday night 7:30 at the Elks Lodge there is a recommended donation of $5 per person or $8 per couple. If you don't know how to dance you can go at 6:30 and swing dance lessons will be going on until the dance starts.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Snakebite Restaurant - Downtown Idaho Falls

The husband and I were given a gift certificate to the Snakebite in Idaho Falls and were glad for the excuse for the opportunity to try it out. This restaurant is located downtown on the corner of Park and A. Mondays and Tuesdays they are only open for lunch but the rest of the week they are open until 9.
We went on a Friday evening around 6 and all the tables were full but the wait wasn't long at all, but plan on waiting a bit for your food as well. We thought it was worth the wait but my in-laws four year old son did not.

The majority of the menu is pretty basic American food, but fancier- My husband and his brother both got hamburgers which they raved about and they were priced comparable to Red Robin or other places like that. I got a chicken burger with avocado on it. It was also so good. We all enjoyed our food. They also had pastas, steaks, and seafoods. Which by the looks and smells seemed like they would be great too.

It's a little unrelated but I thought it was so cute I had to share- after we got seated it got a little busier and there were three couples waiting for tables, a table for four opened up and it was given to an older couple that looked like they were out for their anniversary or something. They invited the next couple waiting to sit with them and share the table. I thought that was so nice.

Anyway- the food was great, I can't wait for an excuse to go there again.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rigby Bowl - Family-Friendly Bowling Alley

Sorry- I was waiting to get this done last week for my friend to send me pictures. She hasn't yet so here are pictures from last time we went.

Rigby Bowl is a little retro- which totally makes it fun. Bowling there is pretty cheap- shoes and a game were less than $5 a person.

You have to keep score yourself- don't worry it comes with directions in case you don't know.

They open at 5 on weekdays and noon on weekends but a few times I have called and they have opened at four for me.

263 S State St
Rigby, ID 83442


Also in Rigby there is a great sandwich shop, Gator Jacks.