Monday, October 11, 2010

Idaho Falls Annual Chocolate Fest

So I know this was a one day event and I didn't warn anybody about it. I'll try and let people know ahead of time any other time we go to an event for our date. The good news about this Chocolate Fest is that it is going to be an annual event so it'll be back next year.

Basically Chocolate Fest is a fund raiser for COPD. It is free to get into but you can buy taste tickets to sample any of the treats. So much of the food looked great, but we only tried some chocolate covered pretzels and ice cream with chocolate sauce on it. I wanted my husband to try the chocolate covered bacon but he didn't seem too interested.

There are also a bunch of booths from different places around Idaho Falls, I put my name in for an entry to win a night's stay at Destination's Inn and for a massage. The area high schools had displays and there were some beautiful wedding cakes on display.

Look, it could be ours!

Throughout the day there were different contests that had to do with eating chocolates. I entered one where we were given a certain number of chocolate kisses to unwrap and eat to see who could be the fastest, I came in 2nd.

Anyway, for those with kids the highlight would likely be the free bouncy houses.

Next year I will get the word out before the event so you guys can go too.

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  1. Emily, this blog idea is soo cool! I love your posts this far and I'm looking forward to reading in the future!