Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patches and the Rexburg Straw Maze

We had some company this last weekend and their request was to do something "fall-y" there are quite a few Straw or Corn Mazes around here so we choose the Rexburg Straw Maze, which is close to Big Juds where we ate lunch. We made it through the maze pretty fast, but we know it took longer for most people. We also thought it was fun enough to go in again. We did it three times. We opted to go during the day because they haunt it on weekend nights, and I definitely see how it could be scary. I know the weather looks yucky, but it doesn't matter, it stays warm in the maze.

You can buy pumpkins at the maze, but I am a firm believer in going to a real pumpkin patch. Last year we used this website to find a pumpkin patch. We choose Ashland Produce in Jefferson county. It's a cute little farm between Rigby and Ririe where you can either pick pre-picked pumpkins or pick them from the field. From the field they are $.20 a pound and they are beautiful pumpkins.
Look at these beauties:

Also we couldn't resist a few cheesey pics of the baby:

See pictures of our carved pumpkins


  1. I pick the pumpkin with the green collar and the white socks! How much is she a pound?

  2. Ha! The last picture is fabulous!

  3. Are there still pumpkins at this patch?