Monday, January 24, 2011

Rigby Bowl - Family-Friendly Bowling Alley

Sorry- I was waiting to get this done last week for my friend to send me pictures. She hasn't yet so here are pictures from last time we went.

Rigby Bowl is a little retro- which totally makes it fun. Bowling there is pretty cheap- shoes and a game were less than $5 a person.

You have to keep score yourself- don't worry it comes with directions in case you don't know.

They open at 5 on weekdays and noon on weekends but a few times I have called and they have opened at four for me.

263 S State St
Rigby, ID 83442


Also in Rigby there is a great sandwich shop, Gator Jacks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gator Jack's Sandwich Shack

A little bit after we were married I overheard somebody mention Gator Jack's in Rigby. We stopped by after school one day- mid afternoon and were greeted by Jack himself, who let us sample a few different things before we finally decided on what we wanted, now it is a favorite place of ours. The sandwiches are delicious and totally loaded down (4 inch is their small size, and totally big enough for most people).
I like to stick with what I know I like so I usually order and Up Yonder! or Shine from Da Moon. You'll have to go in to find out what those are. My husband has tried most of them but his favorite is the Kissin' Kin. A fun thing is to get an order of gator bites- they are mini baked potatoes... so good!

Gator Jack's now has two locations- in Rigby on Farnsworth way, right off the highway and in Rexburg across from Porter Park.

(note- these pictures were taken from the Gator Jack's website. When we got some on Friday I realized after I finished my sandwich that I was supposed to have taken pictures.)

If you want something to do after you eat, Rigby Bowl is nearby.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Carstens Bakery - Downtown Idaho Falls

243 Cliff St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

I've stopped by this hidden gem a couple of times but New Year's Eve was my first chance to take the husband there. It was a great quick date. Carsten's has treats of all kinds that are reasonably priced as well. There isn't room to eat there so we got a sandwich to go and each picked a couple of kinds of cookies because they all looked so good. One of my favorite things to get at Carsten's is their doughnuts- their maple bars and chocolate bars are filled with cream. They are super good. Anyway, they also have fresh bread, pies, and cakes, as well as eclairs and danishes. Usually, Mr. Carsten is there and is always good for a chat. Carsten's is a great place for a treat. The only trick is they close pretty early in the evening so for the husband and I it will always have to be a Saturday date.

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