Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrift Shop Reviews

For our date this week we decided to visit a few different thrift stores and give you some reviews of them. We had a great time going around and seeing what we could find.

The first place we went was the Bonneville Humane Society Thrift Store (444 North Eastern Avenue, just down the street from the Museum of Idaho). It closes at 5pm; we barely made it, so be aware of that. We didn't have much time to look around but it seemed clean and well kept. The selection was a little bit sparse but it seemed good quality. They also only take cash or check.

The 2nd place we went was Idaho Youth Ranch downtown on Shoup (which is open until 6). We were really impressed with some of the things here. If you are on the search for some furniture or home appliances this is for sure the place. They had some beautiful furniture. We left here with a game, some fabric, and a video. When you come in here take a look they usually have a certain colored tags that mean 50% off. It makes for some great deals.

I'm not sure what the official name is but there is a little thrift shop across the road from Deseret Industries (DI) which is where we headed next. It seems tiny when you go in but make sure to head downstairs. If you are doing something like a date where you pick out funny clothes for the other person to put on this is the place to go. Everything downstairs is $4 for everything you can fit in a bag- definitely the best deal on clothes, but you may have to do some searching for the quality that is at some of the other stores. They also only take cash or check here.

Last stop, DI (450 E Street). We by far spent the most time here- but I think it was because we knew we could take more time because we didn't have to make it any other store. Clothes here can cost anything from $1 up to $6 for a t-shirt or pants. I have found that Deseret Industries is pretty hit and miss, I always check out the games section and I look for sheets to sew with. The amount of clothes here almost overwhelms me and I tend to not take the time to look through them. We did find some great deals though!

Happy Hunting!

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