Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Museum of Idaho: Decoding da Vinci

Last night we went to the Museum of Idaho in downtown Idaho Falls. This Museum hosts traveling exhibits that usually stay for a few months. Previously, I have seen the Titanic exhibit, and at the beginning of next year they will have a body exhibit. Over Christmas they have free Christmas theme displays. The current exhibit was one on Leonardo da Vinci, and it was really fun to see. There were a lot of displays that showed models of his work; many of them were hands on and you could experience them yourself.

The museum also houses a fun children's area and exhibits highlighting Idaho's history.

The museum costs $7 for adults, it's cheaper if you are students somewhere. If you want to take your kids Monday evenings they are open until 8pm and have a family price of $15. The museum of Idaho also does a special Christmas event.

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