Monday, November 15, 2010

BYU-Idaho concerts, activities, and events

This past week my brother was in town to check out BYU-Idaho so Friday night we went to a concert on campus. We saw Accoustic Cafe which had acoustic performances from students.

There are a lot of options for on campus activities that are open to the community, there are Center Stage events that are performers that come to BYU-Idaho. Some examples are David Archuleta, and ABBA tribute group, and Ryan Shuppe.

There is also student talent activities which show case the talent of people there. They have different kinds of music shows as well as dance performances and plays.

My tip would be to get there early- when it says be there 10 or 15 minutes before the performance, do. They do release the seats and you will have a hard time finding seating.

Events at BYU-Idaho are pretty cheap, most student talent performances tickets can be gotten for around $6 and then Center Stage are usually $12.

Information can be found on the BYU-Idaho calender and at the ticket office.

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