Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cheap Movies and Rexburg Treats

Today I want to tell you about something wonderful they don't have where I am from... cheap movie theaters.

The premise is that they play movies after they go to the regular theater and before they go to DVD. So if you aren't totally itching to see a movie but want the big screen experience without the high cost this is the way to go.

There are a few different options. In Rexburg there is the Paramount 5 theater. We went there tonight to see Inception. Anyway, the Paramount is located on Center Street which is just off main. Adults are $3 and Children, Seniors, Matinee, and Tuesdays are $2. The owners of this theater also run the Teton View Drive In, which is only open in the summer.

In Idaho Falls there are two theater choices both owned by Royal Theaters. The Paramount Triplex is located behind the mall, just off of 17th Street. Adults are $3.50 and Children, Seniors, Matinee, and Tuesdays are $2.50.

The other Idaho Falls theater is the Centre Twin which is downtown Idaho Falls on Park Ave. This theater costs a little bit more than Paramount but it gets the movies earlier. Here the movies are $5 for adults and $3 for Children, Seniors, Matinee, and Tuesdays.

If you happen to choose to go to Rexburg there are a lot of yummy ice cream places around for a treat after. BRC is across the street which offers frozen custard that you can mix things in. Twizl Berry has frozen yogurt that you pay for by the ounce (similar to Kiwi Loco in Idaho Falls), Sammys is a new place for milkshakes and tonight when we went by it looked completely full, and Mill Hollow has wonderful soft serve in a variety of flavors.

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