Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kiwi Loco- Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

On the corner of Hitt and Sunnyside is... you guessed it, Kiwi Loco. Self serve yogurt places seem to be the new trend- popping up all over the place; one has even popped into Idaho Falls. The way it works is you go in and grab a bowl (a couple different size choices) and then fill it with any mix of frozen yogurt that sounds good to you. Then you top it. You pay by the ounce so the amount is totally up to you. Kiwi Loco's price is $0.39 an ounce.

We enjoyed Kiwi Loco- the first reason was because you walk in and smile because of the bright fun look of the place. The choices of yogurt were good (the husband recommends fruit flavors) and the topping variety was amazing (over 50 choices). There were sugar free options and also a dairy free yogurt option that, as you can see by her little mustache, the baby enjoyed too.

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  1. Thanks, we just tried this out last weekend based on your recommendation. We also really liked Panda Kitchen in the same strip mall.