Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Snakebite Restaurant - Downtown Idaho Falls

The husband and I were given a gift certificate to the Snakebite in Idaho Falls and were glad for the excuse for the opportunity to try it out. This restaurant is located downtown on the corner of Park and A. Mondays and Tuesdays they are only open for lunch but the rest of the week they are open until 9.
We went on a Friday evening around 6 and all the tables were full but the wait wasn't long at all, but plan on waiting a bit for your food as well. We thought it was worth the wait but my in-laws four year old son did not.

The majority of the menu is pretty basic American food, but fancier- My husband and his brother both got hamburgers which they raved about and they were priced comparable to Red Robin or other places like that. I got a chicken burger with avocado on it. It was also so good. We all enjoyed our food. They also had pastas, steaks, and seafoods. Which by the looks and smells seemed like they would be great too.

It's a little unrelated but I thought it was so cute I had to share- after we got seated it got a little busier and there were three couples waiting for tables, a table for four opened up and it was given to an older couple that looked like they were out for their anniversary or something. They invited the next couple waiting to sit with them and share the table. I thought that was so nice.

Anyway- the food was great, I can't wait for an excuse to go there again.

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