Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shelley, Idaho- Mick's and Hidden Treasures

Saturday we got to go down to Shelley to see Josh's sister play in a volleyball game so we took a little time to explore the town. We went to a little diner called Mick's for a treat. It was too early for lunch and we had already had breakfast so we got milkshakes and scones. The milkshakes were great. I had a chocolate cherry milkshake and the scone was wonderful, everything there smelled good.
Mick's on Urbanspoon

Then we went to Hidden Treasures. Hidden Treasures has some new things and some antiques and some thrift store stuff. It is a really fun place to go and I wish that I had more time to look, it was a huge warehouse full of stuff, like crammed. If you have a baby I would not take a stroller in because I'm not sure there would be room for it. But if you like to explore things and look at fun furniture this is the place.

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