Friday, April 15, 2011

Orange Leaf- Frozen Yogurt

Last week we went to the Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. It is very similar to Kiwi Loco in Idaho Falls and Twizel Berry in Rexburg, with tons of flavor choices and topping choices. The price is $.39 an ounce. Orange Leaf is in the same parking lot at Edwards Theater.

We had a really great time. We tried some flavors that we don't usually like and were very surprised. Usually I don't like chocolate frozen yogurt because it is not very sweet but Orange Leaf had a brownie kind and it was really wonderful. My husband tried some coconut in his and my baby girl had some dairy-free pineapple- both of which were great. The layout was very open and comfortable, our baby wandered freely with some tables and chairs low enough for her to stand next to.

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  1. We went today and had a great time--I was pleased about the dairy-free pineapple (which tasted fabulous). Super fun! :)