Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Guys Burger and Fries

Saturday night I was craving a good hamburger and for some reason a place I had only been to once before came to mind, Five Guys. It totally hit the spot.

There are a few things that make Five Guys a different kind of burger place. The first thing is as you walk in there is a sign that tells you the local farm that the potatoes are from (Saturday's were from a farm in Shelley, Idaho). Their menu is small and simple: burgers (with double patties), mini burgers (with a single patty), hot dogs, and 2 sizes of fries. You pick what you want and the exact toppings you want on them and they cook it right there while you wait. The wait isn't long and there are peanuts to snack on while you are waiting.

I didn't love the fries but they were ok but the hamburger was so good. I usually don't get hamburgers but mine was so good. The Idaho Falls Five Guys is located off Hitt Road by Edwards Theater and Orange Leaf.

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