Monday, July 11, 2011

Blackfoot - Potato Museum, Jensen Grove, and A&W

Last Saturday we decided to go down to Blackfoot, Idaho to see the Potato Museum and we ended up doing a lot more than we planned because there were so many fun things to do there.

Our first stop was the Idaho Potato Museum, which is open Monday through Saturday during the summer and Monday through Friday in the winter. It costs $3 for adults. We learned quite a bit about potatoes but there was quite a bit of reading. It would be really fun history for someone that is interested in farming or has a lot of background in the area. If you happen to be from out of state you get free potatoes when you visit.

We then saw a sign for a $1 ice cream cone at the Downtown Bread Company. We stopped and it looked great but was already closed for the day. It closes at 6 on weekdays and 3 on Saturdays.

We missed the turn for Jensen's Grove and happened to pass an A&W, which sounded delicious. Everything looked so good so we had dinner there. We had a cherry limeade, a root beer float, cheeseburger, corn dog bites, and a "Freezerrr". You are probably wondering what a freezerr is, but it's like a milkshake but more icy. It was all good.

At last we made to Jensen's Grove and decided to take a walk around the perimeter of the lake. It was a nice easy walk that lasted about a half hour. Jensen's Grove also have frisbee golf, swimming, play equipment, volleyball nets, and boat docks.

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