Thursday, December 27, 2012

Idaho Falls Public Library- Children's Books, Movies, and Reading Programs

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to cuddle up and read a good book. It makes an outing to the Idaho Falls Public Library a favorite thing to do with my husband.

The first time I went into the Idaho Falls library I was surprised at it's size. It seems huge and has a great selection. As you walk in the doors from the parking lot you come right into the Children's section which is perfect. You may wonder why the Children's section is perfect for a date, but it's good for a few reasons.

One of the things my husband and I did when we first started dating is go to the Children's section of the nearby library and choose books to read together. I love to find books I haven't read since I was a kid, especially if my husband isn't familiar with them and share them. Shel Silverstein is a great choice to read out loud.

Another thing that the Children's section is good for is to find a chapter book for you guys to read together. I   know some couples that seriously read books together, big classics like Crime and Punishment. My husband and I occasionally read books together but can't finish them if they aren't pretty short and real cliff hangers. We have found our best bet is to pick a book from the Children's section. On our side bar we have a few of our favorites, but the one I think we had the most fun reading has been The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. It was a quick mystery that we wanted to solve. Even though we had both read it when we were younger we had forgotten the ending and couldn't help but be drawn in.

Up the stairs from the Children's section, on the main floor, they have a great selection of movies. We have often spent a lot of time picking out movies or even tv shows that we want to watch.

The top floor has the adult, young adult, and non-fiction section. We have read a few books from upstairs, including Sherlock Holmes. Winter and Summer they have adult reading programs, this winter the program is Tresspassing Time- if you read a book from (either written in or about) certain time periods you get rewards. The main reward is an invitation to a dinner and party the library is putting on, I am excited for a night without cooking.

The library also plays host to classes and discussion groups. Coming up is a discussion group on the Civil War, for more information you can check out the library blog. To get a library card and you live in Idaho Falls you just need a piece of mail with your name and current address on it as well as a form of ID. Also, little fact you may not know- you can check out e-books through the website.

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